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The Tennessee Valley Muskie Authority

ITS Muskie Fishing is born from an evolution of angling beginning in roots of old school structure fishing tempered with the unexplored wiles of the wild Wild West of musky fishing, in the deep south of their range in Tennessee, where variables are artificial induced and altered daily if not hourly and a unique perspective on how muskies are affected and adapt to these subtle constant changes created a working laboratory into studying their behavioral tendencies as a species, magnifying factors and their affect on them 10 fold.

Seasonal patterns and conventional knowledge not only falls short of executing success in most cases, but it also illuminated how and why they work when they do both here and in more stable bodies of water, granting a unique insight into their behaviors elsewhere as well.

A musky is a muskey is a Muskie, no matter where it swims, and the scientific depth exercised here to remain a consistent producer of some of the largest muskellunge in the south has led to having a wide repertoire of versatility in both technique and tools to implement them.

Whether it be speed prop wash trolling, slow fishing specially designed spinnerbaits along deep breaks, exploring the world of true finesse musky angling through use of tactics normally akin to the pursuit of other species, or even creating new methods of presenting time honored classics, the waters of Tennessee have been a true challenge and delight in reaping trophy musky for both me, as a Tennessee musky guide, and my guests.

Of all the greatest gifts this area has granted me as a fisherman, creativity and fluidity are amongst the most valuable: fishing in my boat on these waters will teach you to have confidence in your own mind and analysis skills as opposed to the archaic and derelict notion of constantly searching for the next “hot bite” or the next “hot bait”.

To consistently pursue muskies in a means that is anything but haphazard or so rigidly dogmatic that it stifles the artistry of the angler is anything but elementary, but when one stops looking at it as a pursuit of systematic methods that can be acquired simply through repetition, and more the evolving means to interpret any environment they encounter intuitively through the lens of fundamental and universal elements of control, allowing proper communication through presentation into the water in which they swim, there is literally no end which can be equated to “mastery” even at its highest levels of understanding. More, it is an acceptance of that understanding and realizing that only by doing so will you begin to stop worrying about simply “catching fish”, which leads to little more than emulation and regurgitation of past successes (or even worse, relying on those of others to validate), but instead constantly search for the scientific inspiration through both negative and positive feedback to reach real-time synchronization with both your quarry and the habitat they’re occupying.

Muskies aren’t “the fish of 10,000 casts; just the next correct one.”

It is my privilege and honor to not just share my waters and their most prized trophy muskies with you as a guest, but also innovative teaching and paradigm-altering perspectives that allow you to take an entirely new dimensional look at the way you go about angling for muskellunge anywhere they swim.

– Cory Allen, Musky Hunter & In The Spread Instructor

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