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Aight guys.

Here’s a sampling of some fish all in excess of 50” except for one 48”, up to 53” taken the past 2 years between March and the end of May.

We get some killer topwater action in early May and consistent stuff through the spawn all the way into post spawn, with mid to late April through northern season opener being some prime time musky fishing. These are just some pics I had on hand in the favorites folder.

If you wanna step up in the batter’s box of my Esox Magnum and take a swing for the 50” fence down south, send me a DM here or gimme a call at 931-261-2483. I’m already booked a healthy chunk of April and about half of May as is, half of which are repeat offenders, because that time frame friggin’ rules.

I mean, if you’re gonna fish down in this neck of the woods, might as well fish with the guy that basically everyone else around here has followed around the past 5-6 years.

Sorry, not sorry.

Also, check out my video collection on my other site

I’ll be doing regular write ups and stuff here, if you dig that sort of thing.