musky lures greg nimmer cory allen

So Greg Nimmer might be one of the more creative lure makers out there. He might be known more colloquially for his topwater baits, which are great additions in their own right, his subsurface designs really caught my gaze.

I really enjoyed the First Responder, but had a couple ideas for subtle tweaks I had in mind.

So I had him whip me up a custom First Responder with no weight on the back end and no keel weight in the front, but with a weight screw for adjusting the depth I want to work it from the front, but still giving it a basically level fall.

The idea behind it is surprisingly simplistic but somehow entirely overlooked until him.

He’s right too…that mag willow is perfect for running the gamut of all speeds, but thoroughly looking forward to this design which will work just subsurface on the pull to as deep as I want.

Then, there’s also the “Live Tail” which is another design I can’t believe hadnt been done sooner.

Pay attention to this guy. He makes some really really cool shit.

-Cory Allen, Tennessee Valley Muskie Authority