gill reaper lures cory allen muskie fishing

Prototypes of the “Undertow”, a bait I designed with Gill Reaper lures ( as a multispecies fresh and salt answer to many, many problems.

It’s gonna come in many different sizes from 3/8 of an ounce to 8 ounces, fresh and salt, some with full hair, some with hair and feathers, some with hair and swimbait trailers… and we’re already concocting another variant that will work as a standup jig as well.

Basically its like a jig with a built in bottom bouncer and drop rate regulator. Makes it flutter on the fall at a controlled angle, with the added benefit of flash, and the slightly oversized blades ensure it doesnt just simply “track”…gives it a more organic erratic motion as the blade isnt constantly engaging except on a total straight retrieve. Also, the overextended titanium arm ensures the blade doesnt grab the hair and gives it more clearance off the bottom for slow rolling. Plus, titanium flexes but always returns to its original position, so there’s that.

“Spared no expense…”-John Hammond

-Cory Allen

Tennessee Valley Muskie Fishing