cory allen musky lures

Gotta admit, I didn’t even know what copper monk blades were until I was introduced to this bait by Rich Reinert and Craig Sandell of, but let me just say…

Not sure I lived without this now somewhat forgotten but ridiculously unique throwback prop style for topwater.

Works slower, fishes faster, offers a more subtle and more aggressive sound than it’s more popularized contemporary ilk.

Frankly, I’d never seen it on another bait. But not sure I’ll ever go back now.

Check out the Cory Allen custom color “Sucker Punch” edition ones awaiting their props for the flight to my doorstep this week.

But the OG colors I’ve had for 3 weeks have already caught fish and lost even more, even thrown against other topwaters. A compact nigh invulnerable bait that offers subtlety but can be thrown on the graphite Claymores we use in musky fishing with ease.

Trust me. Check them out.

No gimmix hurr.

-Cory Allen

aka Tennessee Valley Muskie Authority